Company profile

Egekrom was established in 2003 in İzmir Atatürk Organize Industry Zone and started its activities at its present address.

All kinds of pressurized, unpressurized containers, tanks, reactors, mixers, heat exchangers (heat exchanger, condenser, economizer etc.) made of stainless steel for industrial purposes such as paint, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, food, milk, water, steam boilers, water pipe boilers, evaporators for power plants and special purpose machines.

In addition, construction, repair and projecting of all types of marine vehicles are also included in the organization's objectives.

With more than 45 years of experience and knowledge in Egekrom's field of expertise, cumulative engineers, expert technical staff and experienced employees, we have always gained the appreciation of local and foreign buyers and continue to earn their efforts with keeping the customer satisfaction in the forefront.

Egekrom has been manufacturing and exporting reactors, mixers, dust and gas filters, gas ducts and flaps, food drying ovens, especially for the chemical, paint and food industries to various European countries especially Germany.

In addition, the products referred to in various countries of the world are delivered through domestic buyers.

It is our primary duty to maintain the EGEKROM brand that we have created without sacrificing our qualities, our quality, for years.



Egekrom Industrial Equipment and Marine Vehicles Manufacturing Industry. And Tic. Ltd. As Şti;

  • Completely complete each project in time, fully compatible with the project with the highest level techniques, within the desired qualities and budget limits,
  • In the framework of quality systems, all employees are more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level.
  • To ensure quality, awareness in all employees,
  • To get the best, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way to avoid the inconveniences that may arise later,
  • To contribute to the economy of the country by being collective and respectful to the environment (environment) and becoming a model organization and constantly improving business volume.
  • Documenting and documenting our quality management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and continuously improving

Our Quality Policy.